Cyber Security graduate program is established on January 2015 at the Informatics Institute of  Middle East Technical University. It will accept the first M.Sc. (thesis and non-thesis) applicants at Fall 2015. The aim of the program is to educate cyber security specialists who are enthusiastic to gain and improve their knowledge, academic research skills, and hand-on experience. In line with the aim of the Informatics Institute of METU, Cyber Security program emphasises on the multi-disciplinary approach to education and research.  

Objectives of Cyber Security program

. To educate competent cyber security specialists which is currently much needed by private and public agencies in Turkey.
. To conduct high-quality academic research.
. To encourage academic research approach to cyber security by means of thesis, patents, publishing papers, and attending conferences.
. To provide know-how and the basis for research and development in cyber security field.
. To be an independent and objective intermediary academic center connecting government, industry and academia.
. To promote multi-disciplinary and multi-actor approaches to research and education.
. To contribute to the latest cyber security projects with its diverse expert team from the fields of cyber security, informatics, computer engineering, mathematics, and cryptography.

The importance of cyber security education

. Almost all aspects of business and personal life is now dependant on computers, communication devices, networks, internet, and software applications.
. Cyber threats are on the rise globally.
. Individuals and businesses are at risk of losing their valuable information, assets, and privacy. 
. Countries are at risk of ever increasing cyberwar and cyberterrorism.
. Cyber security awareness and higher education is emphasised in Turkish Development Program of the Ministry of Development. 
.There is a plethora of undercovered, or to be discovered, security issues which are needed to be addressed by security experts. 
.Currently cyber criminals outnumber highly competent security experts. 

The hallmark of Cyber Security program  at Informatic Institute of METU

. Informatics Institute emphasises on inter- and multi-disciplinary approach to education and research in higher education.
. Our program is one of the pioneer higher education programs in Turkey.
. Our faculty members consist  of experts in cyber security with years of experience in industry and/or academia.
. Our team has been selected for 7 consecutive years to train the security specialists of NATO countries.
. The curriculum covers the necessary core topics that a security expert must know.
. The freedom to choose your area of expertise by a range of specialized courses and research opportunities.
. Along with the theoretic education, the students will gain hands-on experience by having access to the facilities of Cyber Defence and Security (CyDeS) Research Laboratory.
. The opportunity to participate in collaborative projects with industry, especially the companies in METU Teknopolis,  via CyDeS.
. Our department is in close collaboration with leading cyber security industries in Turkey. 

Ph.D. studies after graduating from M.Sc. program 

.The Ph.D. program of cyber security is expected to launch by the time the first applicants  graduate from M.Sc wiuth thesis.
.As Informatics Institute provides  multi-disciplinary education and research opportunities, the graduates  will also have the option to apply to other Ph.D. programs such as computer engineering, information systems, and other related and multidisciplinary programs. 

Career opportunities after graduation

. There is an increasing demand for security experts with knowledge and research skills necessary for solving intellectually challenging problems of cyber security.
. The graduates will have the opportunity to choose their area of research and specialization according to their future career plans.
. With hands-on experience in the facilities of CyDeS, the graduates will have practical competency toward their future career goals.