Note: All accepted applicants will be automatically enrolled to non-thesis M.Sc. program for the first two semesters. Competent and willing students will be able to transfer to M.Sc. program with thesis at the beginning of the third semester. 

Number of courses for non-thesis M.Sc.

. 3 must courses (3 credits each)

. 7 elective courses(3 credits each)

. 1 M.Sc.term project non-credit course

. 1 graduate seminar non-credit course

Number of courses for thesis M.Sc.

. 3 must courses (3 credits each)

. 5 elective courses(3 credits each)

. 1 M.Sc. thesis non-credit course

. 1 graduate seminar non-credit course

Must courses

CSEC 501 Cyber Systems and Information Security (INFOSEC)

CSEC 502 Network Security

IS 752 / CSEC 506 Information Security Management

Elective courses

CSEC 503 Database Security 

CSEC 504 Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis

CSEC 505 Web Applications Security

CSEC 507 Applied Cyrptology

CSEC 508 Applied Crytanalysis

CSEC 509 Forensic Analysis and Incident Response Management

CSEC 510 Operating Systems Security

CSEC 511 Cloud Computing and Security

CSEC 512 Mobile Security

CSEC 513 Systems Engineering in Cyber Systems

CSEC 514 Social Engineering

CSEC 515 Malware Analysis

CSEC 516 Legal Issues in Cyber Security

CSEC 517 IT Security and Risk Management

CSEC 518 IT Security Operations

CSEC 519 Secure Embedded Systems

CSEC 520 Security in IoT

CSEC 521 Secure Software Engineering

CSEC 522 Cyber Warfare

CSEC 524 Secure Programming

IS 580 Knowledge Representation and Data Mining

IS 785 Social Network Analysis

IS 550 Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture

IS 744 Grid Computing

IS 771 Security Engineering

IS 782 Principles of Geospatial Information Technologies

CENG 768 Real Time and Embedded Software Development

CENG 532 Distributed Computing Systems

CENG 561 Artificial Intelligence

GGIT 538 Spatial Data Analysis

IAM501 Introduction to Cryptography

IAM 504 Public Key Cryptography