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14/08/2022 - 12:04

MSc with Thesis Program Structure

  • 2 CSEC Deficiency Courses: CSEC 591 (Primer I) and CSEC 592 (Primer II)
  • 3 Must Courses: CSEC 501, CSEC 502, and CSEC 506
  • 4 Elective Courses: Students can register for courses from other departments as long as they are related to cyber security
  • CSEC 500 Research Methods, Evaluation and Dissemination Ethics in Cybersecurity (or an equivalent course)
  • CSEC 590 Graduate Seminar (or an equivalent course)
  • CSEC 599 M.S. Thesis

Expected duration to complete the MSc with Thesis Program is 4 semesters; the maximum duration is 6 semesters. However, students should complete course work including non-credit courses in 4 semesters. Advisor appointment has to be made at the beginning of 2nd semester. The course work of the Thesis program is at least 21 credits.