Aybar Can Acar, Asst. Prof. Dr.

Health Informatics

Room: B-206, Phone: 7707, Email: acacar[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

Information Integration, Information Quality, Data Mining, Security and Privacy in Distributed Data, Bioinformatics

Cengiz Acartürk, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Cognitive Science

Room: B-203, Phone: 7704, Email: acarturk[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

Human factors in cyber security, eye tracking applications, eye movement control in Turkish reading, algorithms for eye movement event detection, and multimodal interaction design (cf. gaze, haptics and speech)

Nazife Baykal, Prof. Dr.

Information Systems

Room: , Phone: , Email: baykal[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest: Data mining

Aysu Betin Can, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Information Systems

Room: A-217, Phone: 3746, Email: betincan[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

Software engineering, reliable software development, software testing, modular verification and specification, concurrency, model checking

Banu Günel Kılıç, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Information Systems

Room: B-220, Phone: 7866, Email: bgunel[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

Signal processing based audio and acoustic applications (separation, denoising and localization), defense and security systems, secure software development and requirements engineering, social network analysis and applications

Cihangir Tezcan, Assoc. Prof. Dr. (Department Chair)

Cyber Security

Room: A-219, Phone: 3789, Email: cihangir[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

Cyber security and information systems, cryptography, cryptanalysis, wireless communications security, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, parallel computing, randomness, number theory, algebraic geometry

Adjunct Faculty

Ali Arifoğlu, Dr.

Oya Günendi, Advt.
Fatih Öğmen, Advt.

Research Assistants


Aslı Başak Civek

Room: B-118, Phone: 7879, Email: abcivek[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

Cryptology, Cryptanalysis, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics

Bulut Ulukapı

Room: B-117, Phone: 7716, Email: ubulut[at]metu.edu.tr

Fields of Interest:

Biometric Authentication, Side-Channel Attacks, Eye-Tracking

Murat Toksavul

Room: , Phone: , Email:

Fields of Interest:

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