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21/03/2024 - 17:26

MSc without Thesis Program Structure

  • 2 CSEC Deficiency Courses: CSEC 591 (Primer I) and CSEC 592 (Primer II)
  • 2 Must Courses: CSEC 501 and CSEC 502
  • 8 Elective Courses: Students can register for courses from other departments as long as they are related to cyber security
  • CSEC 589 Term Project (see guidelines)

During the Deficiency program, students should take program courses in NI (Not Included) status. The rules and regulations for successfully completing the deficiency program are provided here. Once the deficency program is successfully completed, the student can choose which NI courses to be included in the program. Contact CSEC secretary to fill the appropriate forms for transferring NI courses from the deficiency program to the non-thesis program. The course work of the Non-Thesis program is at least 30 credits.

Transfer from Non-thesis Program to Thesis Program

Students who successfully complete deficiency program courses and 7 program courses (2 Must + 5 Elective courses) can apply to transfer to the Thesis program. Before such an application, students are expected to plan their thesis studies with a candidate thesis advisor in order to provide an abstract with their application. Applicants whose applications are accepted by the cyber security academic committee will be transferred to the thesis program. Application dates are announced via CSEC-STU mailing list. Generally the applications are due January and August.