Last Updated:
21/03/2024 - 17:27

MSc with Thesis Program Structure

  • 2 Must Courses: CSEC 501 and CSEC 502
  • 5 Elective Courses: Students can register for courses from other departments as long as they are related to cyber security
  • CSEC 500 Research Methods, Evaluation and Dissemination Ethics in Cybersecurity (or an equivalent course)
  • CSEC 590 Graduate Seminar (or an equivalent course)
  • CSEC 599 M.S. Thesis

Expected duration to complete the MSc with Thesis Program is 4 semesters; the maximum duration is 6 semesters. However, students should complete course work including non-credit courses in 4 semesters. Advisor appointment has to be made at the beginning of 2nd semester. The course work of the Thesis program is at least 21 credits.

Thesis students must use Ms Phd Advisor Assignment (71) to assign their thesis advisor (and co-advisor if applicable) and submit their thesis title and abstract.

Regulations about transferring from the Non-Thesis Program to the Thesis Program is provided here.