Term Project Guideline

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Term Project

  1. Before registration day, students must contact the instructor whom they want to do the project together. After approval by instructor, students must use the section number of the instructor at registration.
  2. After registration, the topic of term project must be determined with advisor.
  3. Students and their advisors must meet at least 5 times during a semester to talk about term project. These meetings can be face-to-face or via e-mail. In case students have a trouble to contact their advisor, they should contact the head of Cyber Security Department.
  4. Before presentation day at the end of semester, students must get approval of their advisor to present their term project.

Term Project Presentation

  1. The Term Project presentations are performed on the last day of final exams. If there is an exceptional situation about the presentation date, new date will be announced at least one month ahead of the default date.
  2. In any case, an e-mail will be sent to students as a remainder for presentation date and to ask students' project title and advisor's name. This e-mail must be replied with the requested information in 5 days after received.
  3. After all students sent their titles, the presentation day program will be sent to instructors and students.
  4. A presentation takes 20 minutes. It shouldn't exceed the given time. At the end of each presentation, presenter answers questions of listeners.
  5. All students who will give a presentation must attend all the other presentations and ask a question about each of the presentations.
  6. Instructors and students will fill the evaluation forms for each presentation they will attend as a listener.
  7. Students can use the presentation template in the following link (http://ii.metu.edu.tr/term-project).

Term Project Report

  1. The deadline of project report is the day of announcement of final grades which is stated at the academic calendar.
  2. Until the presentation day, students must prepare and send following three documents to assistant to be checked.
    • Technical report cover English
    • Technical report cover Turkish
    • Report documentation page
    Those documents can be found in the following link (http://ii.metu.edu.tr/term-project). If students prefer, they can have their advisors sign on those documents at the presentation day.
  3. Project reports must be edited in accordance with Project Report Format document located at the following link (http://ii.metu.edu.tr/term-project).
  4. 2 weeks before the announced report deadline, project reports must be sent to assistant who will check the report format. After the given feedback, students edit the report and send it again. The feedback process continues until the assistant approve format of the project report.

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